About Natfort

Natfort Energy established in 2006, is a wholly owned Zimbabwean company offering
energy consumption reducing solutions, customized renewable energy design and installation for the commercial and residential sector.
The company also specializes in design and implementation of energy management and analysis systems, power systems and solar street/flood lighting.

Energy Audits and Consulting

Our audits give the client a precise insight of energy consumption within their buildings or operations.It also gives an ROI, awarding clarity to the energy efficiency projects. Natfort Energy also offers solutions based on audit reports

Commercial Solar Backup Systems

Large scale grid failures and the need for green energy have inevitably led to the use of Solar systems with back up battery capability. Natfort Energy offers unique designs with priority settings that give customers a choice to use grid supply as the primary source and solar as backup and vise-versa

Residential Solar Systems

Natfort Energy provides reliable solar electric power in on-grid and off-grid residential properties. We use certified, renowned brands from PV modules, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Batteries and accessories.







Introducing Solar PAYGO

Natfort Energy has developed a business model that will give off grid communities access to clean renewable energy from solar. We do not expect the targeted communities to benefit from the national electrification programmed in the immediate to short term. In order to avert this, we offer high quality solar home systems (SHS) using a Pay As You Go (PAYGO) business model or Lease to Own basis. The payment method has been carefully selected bearing in mind that our target market are low earners and therefore repayments can be spread over a period of 12 months maximum.

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Business Units

Our business is focused on these 3 segments

Natfort Solar EPC

Natfort Solar PAYGO

Research and Development

Meet The Board

Here's a look at the people behind the company

Tafadzwa Daphne J Chiganga


Kudzanai A. Chitiva

Executive Director

Tendai F. Mataba


Russell Traquino

Executive Director

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Load Shedding was a heavy blow but now it's a thing of the past after i installed a home unit


In the time we're living, solar energy is a great investment and the guys at Natfort make it seemless

Our Previous Work

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SAZ 190kW_1

10KW Installation

SAZ 190KW Inverters

Buhera Youth Training

Buhera Youth Training1

Nazareth Battery Bank

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